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Rik Poloski

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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. I have been a full-time real estate agent since 2017, working primarily in the residential sales market. I am passionate about customer service and helping people achieve their real estate goals. First-time home buyers, experienced investors, families liquidating an inherited home, down-sizing, up-sizing, and all points in between. I consider it an honor to be a part of these transactions and to help buyers and sellers navigate their way to a smooth closing. If you or someone you know is in need of a Realtor, please reach out let's discuss your situation and how I may be of assistance.

I am a native of the Florida panhandle, born aboard NAS Pensacola. When I was a child, my family moved several times. This led to my high school graduation taking place in Katy, TX. That's where I met Laura (yes, we are high school sweethearts), and we were married in the summer of 1989. After spending about 19 years in the Houston area, I brought my family back to the area I have always called home in 1999. Our two children were 4 and 6.

At the time, I was in the hotel Audio Visual Services business, providing screens, projectors, sound system, lighting, etc. for meetings and events in fine hotels. But the hours in the hotel I worked at here were brutal, often amounting to more than 100 hours a week for weeks on end, during peek times. There wasn't much of a break during the off-season, either.

As if I wasn't already busy enough, my wife and I decided to open an ice cream shop in 2003. There's a whole other story about how we got to that point. For now, I can tell you we opened The Twist Custom Ice Cream in Navarre, and our lives changed forever. We put everything we had into it, including our kids. They both grew-up in the shop, often working behind the counter. I think it was great life experience for them. Today, our daughter, Kristine, runs the place. She's much better at it than her parents ever were. We are both immensely proud of what she has accomplished since breathing life back into the shop in April 2018.

Okay, let's talk about the 500-pound drum set in the room. I credit my grandma and uncle for my love for music. Grandma was a minister and would often take me with her as she traveled to small churches across the Florida panhandle preaching, playing piano, and singing hymns for the glory of her God. My uncle is an amazing guitarist, bassist and singer, with a deep, southern voice so smooth, it just made me want to sing. Throughout my school years, I was a part of choir and band several times. When it came to college, I chose a degree in Audio Recording Technology, which included classes in drums, piano, music theory, ear training, along with a lot of mixing and recording opportunities. I was about ten years old when I first expressed an interest in learning to play the drums. My parents managed the apartment complex we lived in at the time, and felt like drums would not be a great idea. But the desire lived on and when we moved to Katy, as luck would have it, we moved right next door to a drummer. I soon had my own pair of sticks, which I used to beat the sofa, floor, and bed with no mercy.

About a year after graduating high school, my parents made up for saying no all those years ago, by agreeing to finance (on their credit card) a large set of Tama Superstars, candy apple red. It is much like the one in my logo, in fact. I played in several bands over a span of about 15 years while living in Houston. After the move back home, unfortunately, my work schedule was incredibly volatile, especially after launching a new business. I completely stopped playing for about 18 years. I didn't want to join a band and be the guy who always missed practice, or worse, missed a gig because work called. Lacking a place appropriate to bang on drums at home, I simply didn't play for all those years. I never got rid of the drums though, and the desire burned on until I became a Realtor. Suddenly I had the freedom to manage my own schedule (mostly).

My wife and I found a home that was perfect for us in late 2020. It's a nice home with a huge covered deck and a big pool. It backs up to 279 acres of bears, bees, snakes, and trees. It included a large, detached workshop, which has become my studio. Today, I own six drum sets (3 acoustic and 3 electronic), several hand percussion instruments, keyboards, a Hammond organ, three guitars, a bass, and a PA system. My ultimate goal is to begin recording real estate educational videos in the studio, along with lots and lots of music. Currently, I am singing more than drumming with The Who?Ligans (sic), a local classic rock band that has been around the area for decades. I also make occasional appearances at open jam nights at some of the local watering holes. If you are local and play or sing, get in touch and let's jam.

As for real estate, the more I learn, the more I love it. I continue to attend classes that will help me be a better Realtor for my clients. I truly enjoy helping people, and in this business, I am actually impacting their lives. I am also involved in the community, attending and volunteering for local events and fundraisers. You may have seen me at the Navarre Chamber's Tunes by the Dunes concert series the past few years, or perhaps you saw me on the Chamber's Mardi Gras float.

That's enough about me (for now). Tell me a little about yourself. All my contact info is here on the home page. Get in touch and tell me how I can be of assistance. Where has life taken you, where would you like to be, and how can I help you get there. I look forward to meeting you soon.



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